MJ Lite Jr - Timing Issues

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MJ Lite Jr - Timing Issues

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So I have had my MJ up and running for a couple of years on my 4cyl Triumph.

The car has been on the rolling road this morning and that has highlighted a problem with timing advance. Plug in the laptop and the timing advance appears to be altering with revs & load as you'd expect, but a conventional timing light is showing something very different, in that the timing is staying pretty much static at its idle setting. On the odd occasion when it does advance it will after a short period start dropping back to its idle setting.

Known issue? Any suggestions on what could cause this?

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I don't know how we missed this, sorry for the delay.

Did you ever figure out your issue? Often it is related to incorrect PIP/SAW connections. Also, verifying that RPM can be read on in the software is a good indicator that the PIP line can be read from EDIS.
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