Wires-straight boots for EDIS coil pack?

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Wires-straight boots for EDIS coil pack?

Post by MrDangerUS »

Could anyone tell me where to get the straight coil pack boots like on the picture?
These are Mitsubishi Eclipse wires, but they don't fit EDIS coil towers.
Eclipse straight end boots.jpg
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Post by bmcdaniel »

I've seen the boots and terminals for sale but don't remember where. They wanted almost as much for the boots and terminals as what a new set of wires cost. I found a nice set of spiral core wires on evilbay and just trimmed down the spark plug boots to fit.

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Re: Wires-straight boots for EDIS coil pack?

Post by rfs1957 »

Thought I'd float this to the top again.

Has anybody ever indeed seen straight boots for a coil-pack, rather than the ubiquitous 90° ones ?

It might help my choice of coil location to know this in advance.

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Re: Wires-straight boots for EDIS coil pack?

Post by brentp »

I've only seen people do this in a custom manner, patching together wires and boots from different sources.
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