Total sparkless cut outs that seem random

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Total sparkless cut outs that seem random

Post by Rogerd »

So I've got a prebuilt MJ (not home soldered) running an Edis 8 with two coil packs (RV8).

Been running flawlessly since installation and initial trouble shooting (had a loose connection on the live feed to the EDIS). All sorted.

A couple of weeks ago during the MOT the garage could not start the car - to the point they flattened my battery.

A quick removal fo the filter showed it was fuelling but zero sparks. I wiggled all the wires under the dash (it's a westfield) - no change. Wiggled all the leads into the EDIS - no change. All the while I have all ignition lights on, MJ LED is on, just zero sparks.

Then I crank her over after chatting with the guys for a minute and she fires up and runs perfectly. She wasn't hot (being MOT'd).

Since then I've had either random mini-cuts where I love total power instantly, then it comes back - it can be quite violent if you are coasting with a powerful engine in a light car! It seems to show itself either when coasting in traffic on a very light throttle, or on hard overtaking.

Then in a car park it refused to start again after shopping. And then started of it's own accord after a while.

Each time it's 100% no spark at all but all lights are on - dash and MJ.

Last week I undid all the joins by the EDIS and resoldered every single wire - carefully - I'm a good solderer. I checked the plug pins - they all look ok.

She still does it here and there. I drove into town yesterday, all perfect, then 3/4 of the way home, after going over some speed bumps the problem came back. Near home I had a total cut out. I stopped and tried to crank her - no spark at all.

I got out of the car. Cranked again. Nothing. I popped the bonnet off (with a view to wiggling wires) - touched nothing - pressed the button and she fired up immediately. The Only thing that can change when I take the bonnet off is the EDIS can move 5mm in one direction as it touches the bonnet lip.

Obvious you then think - but no. I can get her running and wiggle, tug, pull every single wire, every joint, wiggle the edis itself, and I just cannot replicate the problem at adle at home. She runs without a hiccup, yet, on one occasionan oafter doing this, as soon as I set off she was cutting out quite badly.

Other days I get almost fault free drives.

I've even wiggled the CPS lead, I've jiggled the CPS itself. Nothing I do will make her cut out - unless I'm driving!

I'm at a loss. Any ideas? Is there something I can do with my laptop to help diagnose it?

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Post by Rogerd »

Well, after being overwhelmed by the responses I spoke to Chris at triggerwheels and he suggested the EDIS unit might be overheating. I removed it from my fibre glass bulkhead and attached a piece of aluminium to it (3mm thick, same with as the EDIS and 9inches long).

Problem so far has gone away...... Fingers crossed but all seems good on two longish drives since.

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Post by brentp »

Hi, sorry we missed this, and glad you figured it out. Seems that the otherwise bullet-proof EDIS modules can fail sometimes! Also, I moved it to the regular Megajolt installation topic.
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