Spark plug cable arrangement.

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Spark plug cable arrangement.

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I have a '76 VW Golf MK1 with a motor from '97 VW Polo 1,6 6N with Weber 40 DCOE carbs installed. (4 cylinder)

The motor runs ok, but it needs some adjustments so I'm preparing everything for a motor technician that shall adjust the ignition and carbs the next couple of days.

I installed the MegaJolt Jr. a few years ago without touching it ever since, so I'm more or less a newbie.

But when I inspected the ignition system yesterday, I started to be unsure if my spark plug cables are routed correct.

I have searched on the internet and I'm not convinced that I have installed them correct. Please see the attached illustration.

I have tried to compare with different instructions on the net, without being convinced that I have them installed correct..

I find it strange that the motor runs ok, and I have checked the signal cables between EDIS and coil pack. And the routing seems to be ok.
My trigger wheel is aligned correct according to the instructions, and I have a stable signal from the TPS sensor when using the software.

When I change the spark plug cables according to this illustration, it started to misfire.. ... rt_399.png

Is there different types and setups for coil packs? I bought mine at Trigger Wheel.

I hope some of you experienced guys are able to put me in the correct direction.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, with a 4 cylinder, it will be obvious if your engine is connected correctly, or not. If your engine runs and revs smoothly, then you're good to go! Are you seeing incredibly violent backfiring?

To do it scientifically, you'd have to trace back the true firing order and then match it up with the EDIS-4 outputs. I do have a feeling you're already set, however.
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