Strange EDIS voltage results on a new install.

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Strange EDIS voltage results on a new install.

Post by Toad »

Hi,We are having issues in getting sensible voltage readings from the crank sensor and EDIS.

When installed in the car we are only getting 1.6Vac across pins 5&6 on the EDIS when cranking.
We only get circa 9Vdc on the PIP pin 1 with ignition on, not cranking, 4Vdc cranking
Supply volts on EDIS pin 8 = 12Vdc to ground.

We've referred to the Autosport/Megajolt Install Notes throughout which suggest we should expect 2.5Vac at 5&6 when cranking & on pin1 we should see 12Vdc / 5.5Vdc. Still/crank.

We have checked alingment and wheel to sensor gap which is less than 0.75mm.
The sensor is cleaned of swarf, crud etc.

Bizarrley we've removed the sensor and put in onto rig with a drill spinning a spare toothed wheel. The sensor is being held in plastic, non ferrous holder. The sensor is then plugged into the same car wiring loom. The sensor volts at the same EDIS when in this config is circa 4Vac.
With the spark plugs out during this test we were observing blue/mauve sparks on all 4 plugs.

We've tried 2 different sensors with similar results, it's better off the car than on it.

So, the only difference is the bracket holding the sensor in the car and the toothed wheel.

We are at a loss. Help please.

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What's the latest on this? Are you able to get a spark with it on your crankshaft? A common problem is reversed VR sensor connections.

Let us know what you might've learned!
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