Dumb Questions - hopefully clever answers

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Dumb Questions - hopefully clever answers

Post by carboy0 »

I am gearing up to use a Megajolt Lite Jnr for the first time. I have seen the kits of parts offered by Triggerwheels, but there isn't one for my car (Triumph Stag). Obviously Triggerwheels want me to buy one of their wheels as part of their kit. However I was wondering what other options that I should be considering; at this stage I have two questions based on my total ignorance.

1. Can I use the existing distributor with its Lumenition Optronic trigger, as an alternative to a 36 to 1 crankshaft mount wheel and suitable trigger. I was wondering whether a 72 to 2 disk with the distributor being read by the optronic sensor would provide a good signal?

Essentially I am trying to avoid the faff of designing mountings for the trigger wheel and crank sensor.

2. I there any advantage in providing load signals to the MJL from the integral MAP sensor and from a TPS as well?

I am sorry to appear such a numpty, I tried various searches on here to see if the questions had previously been asked, before creating the topic.


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Post by brentp »

Hi -

1) some have used a 72-2 trigger wheel with success. Primarily they've uses a fine resolution VR sensor like you would find in a Mazda RX7 and fit that with a 72-2 trigger wheel within the distributor.

However, it is worth going right off of the trigger wheel because you don't have to deal with distributor gear slop and backlash, if that's an issue for you.

2) Megajolt can only receive engine load from a MAP sensor *or* a TPS, not both at the same time.

Hope this helps, let us know if we can help further!
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