damaged coil pack?

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damaged coil pack?

Post by damunk »

Megajolt and edis 4 were running absolutely spot on until i decided to replace the starter motor.
i forgot to take off the negative battery lead off and when removing the old starter motor (some wire; it was a bit dark) touched the engine and the starter motor started spinning (wasnt engaged in flywheel) and sparked; white smoke. it was about 1 second this happened. installed new starter motor.

since this im getting no spark from coilpack.
i get 12V from pin 1 & 2. when turning on ignition it's still live although it does drop to 11.6V but it always has done and i'd always get spark.

So i know my wiring is okay. I just changed a starter motor. Nothing else was touched!!!

What other tests could I do please?

p.s the sparks plugs were new but were flooded with fuel when cranking so i have cleaned them.

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Possibly the EDIS module was damaged during that incident. Could try swapping in a spare as a test.

Let us know what you find out!
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