Rev Limiter Wiring

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Rev Limiter Wiring

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Hello All! Ive been looking at the wiring diagrams for the MJLJ and have realized that there is no diagram for the either the soft rev limiter or the hard rev limiter. Since both have a spot on the MJLJ plug I'm going to assume that if the hard cut rev limiter is used the MJLJ unit will be powering the coils and that the coils get wired directly to the unit at the "Coil Power" pinout. As for the soft rev limiter I'm a little confused. Do the coils get wired to the "Rev Limit" pinout or is it done internally and the coils can be wired directly to a switched 12volt power source like the wiring diagram says? Thanks for any help that is given.

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Correct, with the hard rev limiter, the Megajolt powers the coil. See the documentation (this is the old doc with the Hard rev limiter add-on board; new MJ systems have the hard rev limiter integrated) :

The soft rev limiter simply sets the ignition advance to 0 when it is activated.
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