MJLJ v3 Firmware update - Can't read MCU info.

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MJLJ v3 Firmware update - Can't read MCU info.

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Hello, I was trying to change my firmware from V3.0.0 to V3.3.1.
On turning the ignition on the message came up in the screen shot attached:
received 0xc0 (off-key).
Can't read MCU info. Could be protocol error.
(or forgot to set single wire mode?)

What is single wire mode? What does it mean by protocol error? What do I need to do to fix this? please make the explanation pretty basic as this is not an area I have any expertness in.

It was working fine before I did this, I haven't tried it since, I'm assuming it failed to make any changes.

Screen shot
Screen shot
MJLJ FIRMWARE SCREENSHOT.jpg (200.05 KiB) Viewed 534 times

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On that older hardware, try using a real serial cable, if possible, or try a different USB adapter.

Does the original firmware still operate otherwise?
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