Novice at wiring connectors, please help

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Novice at wiring connectors, please help

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Hi all!

So I comprehend the installation procedures, but I need a little help on wiring itself. I have the wire sizes clear, but have never fabricated a connector before. I tried searching for these answers on the forum, but my key works must have been too short, because I could not find the answers.

1) I have the coil-pack for the EDIS-6 system in-hand, but I need a companion female connector so I can wire to it. What is this connector called, and/or where can I purchase one? Part number?
2) the Megajolt kit came with pins and connectors, but I have not done this before. What kind of tool do I need? Are these connectors called a specific thing so i can search for a how-to on youtube?
3) same for the crank sensor. I plan to use a shielded pair for this, but the connectors are still unknown to me.

My EDIS module came with a pig-tail connector so I can just splice wires from there, but the coil, crank position sensor, etc. still require me to purchase a companion connector or pigtail connector.

many thanks!


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Re: Novice at wiring connectors, please help

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For the EDIS module, you will need to search for a plug to match. You'll probably find it on ebay. Usually the used modules are sold with the plugs!

For wiring and etc, you really should get someone to help you with the job. I'm sure they can teach you in the process!

Let us know how your project goes :)
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