Logs go back in time

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Logs go back in time

Post by jpf11 »

Using the latest mk3 firmware (2.11.0 I believe). Had the initial log timestamps go back in time a few ticks. Found this because it really made RaceRender screw up.

The first four timestamps are as follows:

Note how it goes back in time for two ticks then forward to the first timestamp.

Arguably this might not be a bug since while the data is out of order chronologically it's still valid as the timestamp is present, but I think it can throw off some data analysis tools and might want to be addressed if possible. This came up because the timestamps above caused RaceRender v3.5.7 to have extreme problems processing this log (removing the first three log lines fixed the issue).

Here's the google drive link to the log as I wasn't able to attach it.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxW92Z ... sp=sharing

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Post by brentp »

Thanks for the note. These timestamps are derived from GPS; How long was the GPS warmed up before logging started?
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