Issue with CAN mapping in 2.13.5 firmware?

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Issue with CAN mapping in 2.13.5 firmware?

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Summary: for a Subaru BRZ, CAN and ODBII mapping that are working using 2.12.0 firmware are not working in 2.13.5 firmware.


I am currently running 2.12.0 firmware in a MK2 in a Subaru BRZ. I have CAN mappings (5 single byte, 5 that are 2 byte) that are working correctly, and am reading RPM through ODBII. I would like to upgrade firmware so I can use the RPM channel in scripts.

With the 2.13.5 firmware, many of the CAN mapping are broken and the RPM ODBII mapping is also broken. I have played around with the mapping setting but cannot get good results. I mainly played around with the steering angle mapping, which is a 2 byte signed value, and works in 2.12.0 as big endian. In 2.13.5, these settings do not work, and I cannot find any set of bit or byte mapping that does work. As general symptoms, it looks like the sign bit, and higher order bits are not interpreted correctly - I get correct mapping for small positive numbers, but as soon as the sign bit or higher bits are set, then the mapping result if garbage.

I have attached the configuration that is working in 2.12.0. I can try to do a script that logs the raw CAN bytes and the mapped values if that would help.
Racecapture Pro MK2 config with CAN mappings that work in 2.12.0 but not in 2.13.5
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Thanks for the note.

Can you be precise about exactly which channels stopped working in 2.13.5 - like the exact list? We can address them individually that way.

There were some bugs we fixed for other CAN mapping issues that might have caused a side effect you're seeing.

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