Laps double-reporting to, missing sensor data

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Laps double-reporting to, missing sensor data

Post by petesharum »

During a race last weekend we were seeing some odd things happen on At first, we would see the same lap reported twice. Shortly after that we also lost sensor and GPS data, while each lap time continued to report twice. Unfortunately I wasn't logging at the time, only using telemetry. Any idea about how I can prevent this from happening in the future?

Our setup is:
- RaceCapture/Pro MK2 running 2.13.5 firmware
- SensorX breakout board
- ShiftX2
- Raspberry Pi Dash

The dash and ShiftX2 never showed any signs of this failure. At one point it registered a lap time that was about 10s optimistic, which messed up predictive timing. That super optimistic time never appeared on Podium though.

This link demonstrates what we were seeing: ... ome-device

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Post by brentp »

Thanks for reporting this. Our guess is there was an interruption in cellular coverage, which caused the double registration of the lap. We'll see if we can reproduce this issue and mitigate it's effects.
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