[Features Request] kph GPS speed and others features

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[Features Request] kph GPS speed and others features

Post by neoraptor »

I started to use RaceCapture / Analyzer and was overall very happy with the first approach.
As it is still very young, I noticed some features that could be added to enhance the system.

:arrow: Is there already a bug/feature request tracker installed somewhere? It could be useful to see what has to be done. ;)

I would like to have the following features integrated in RaceCapture
* Record speed in km/h instead of Miles/h (let the choice in configuration)
* Have lateral and longitudinal accelerations from GPS signal (onboard accelerometer sensor are difficult to use on a motorcycle because of the lean angle)
* Record lean angle (via accelerometers/gyro sensors fusion for example)

As for Race Analyzer, :
* Zoom on graphs
* Create a GPS lap beacon and split data according to it (retrieve laps)
* Ability to switch X axis between distance and time
* Display the values in the channel list (not only min/max/units)
* Change min/max on the line chart
* Move the time cursor inside a graph
* Fix GPS representation (see 2nd part of this post : http://www.autosportlabs.org/viewtopic. ... 9323#19323)
* Place notes/marker on line chart
* Add math channels

Looking forward to see RaceCapture becoming the best acquisition system :twisted: :twisted:

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