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Post by gizmodo »

It would be really nice to be able to pull a log file directly from the Race Capture unit without having to pop the SD card out. I was planning on mounting my Race Capture in an enclosed space and then running the USB cable out, but that isn't an option if I have to be able to access the SD card.

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Post by ohiokm11 »

This might be a cheap quick alternative, just remotely connect the SD card. $4.70 ... 8cm-218278


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Post by mikebr75 »

I'll second this request. I have my RC Pro/2 mounted in an not easily accessible location and have tried an extension ribbon as pictured above, but have not had success with writing to the MicroSD card. The unit flashes the error light when I try logging.

Being able to download log files through the application to the local file system would be a perfect solution for me - via USB or over a WiFi connection : either would work.

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Post by brentp »

Thanks. we have this on our feature list.

One bit of relief; if you are running the RaceCapture app you will be able to live-record data directly to the app for near-instant review. See the announcement here: ... 5-is-here/
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