Time and date on logfiles

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Time and date on logfiles

Post by ZeeB »

Please please please put a time and date on the log files when you write them to the SD card. Having 40 logfiles all created on some random date after a day of testing and 2 days of racing makes my life really unfun.

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Post by ohiokm11 »

This is the number one thing that I would like to see as well. Also within the logfiles can the time be the actual time from the GPS? My old BT747 logger was able to do this so I suspect it is possible, just not sure how much work it is.

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Time & Date Stamps on Log Files

Post by falcken »

I'm new to this blog, but we've been waiting for several firmware upgrades hoping to
see Time & Date stamps on log files. Or is there another way to get around this?

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Post by toga94m »

As a workaround, GPS timestamps can be in the logfile too. Open one in notepad. It'll be GMT (England) timezone, and not easy to import into excel - format is something like HHMMSS.ss where SS goes from 00-59. But using that, and grabbing logfile to your PC every day or two, you can figure out when each log happened.
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Post by brentp »


A Unix Epoch timestamp, derived from GPS is coming in a future version of the V2 software. this will show up in the first column under 'ts'. Thanks for waiting, we know this is an important feature!
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Post by mikesmith »

Could we also have correct creation / modification times on the files themselves? Right now they're timestamped UTC; track definitions should have timezones, so conversion should be pretty straightforward...

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Post by stephen »

Please Please Please can the file names have a date stamp. Real pain going back to SD card and trying to make sense of hundreds of plain named files. Original request was 2013 so about due.

Thought I'd look at GPS date in log - Nothing there. Thought I'd add the GPS date as a channel - No Lua input for this.

The GPS is providing a date so it should be simple. Even if it is only if a GPS lock is achieved before file is started. I fire up engine (and RC) minutes before logging is triggered.

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Post by brentp »

Hi, right now the log files are time-stamped with the current GPS time, if GPS has a lock when the log file is created.

I believe that's what we originally addressed way back (not specifically the name, which we thought would be redundant, since the file's timestamp already has it)

Try creating a log file when GPS has a lock and you'll see the timestamp applied.

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