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Count Down Timer

Post by sbarton »

For many racing orgs, they have mandatory timed pit stops, especially when fueling.
BMWCCA has 5 minutes wheels stopped rule. Unfortunately it happens more times than not, that you either forget to start the stop watch or something happens to it that you can't rely on it.
What would be awesome would be a LCD screen or similar that when the vehicle stopped, it would automatically count down from 5:00 minutes (or some easily adjustable value).

Something plug and play from Autosport labs seems easy enough and cool. I'm thinking it would be a cheap display with wires for power, ground and an input. The input would go to the RCP and you could provide a script that would automatically control the countdown as well as the duration.


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Post by andylaurence »

How about a script that looks for speed < 5mph and then counts down, adjusting an analogue output for voltage from 5v to 0v. Then just put a multimeter on the dash connected to the analogue output. Simples! I'm still a bit confused about Lua though, so maybe not so simples...
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