rotary switch to change the screen on app

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rotary switch to change the screen on app

Post by jotomas »

Hi, i think that a good feature to add for the RC, is to include a rotary switch for change the screens of the app, for that only need to create a interface to control the screens of app by lua and use the analog input.

Switch like this: ... SEN0156%29


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Post by brentp »

Cool. How about pushbutton left/right buttons?
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Post by jotomas »

Yeah, also good idea, the important is to control de app by the inputs of the RC.


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Post by ushgeo »

brentp wrote:Cool. How about pushbutton left/right buttons?
I like this idea. There is an Android app that let's you control other Android devices via bluetooth connection, so it should be possible in theory for RCP to send a BT signal to the tablet to change screens. ... oth-41969/
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Post by carlos88 »

I definitely agree with being able to use a pushbutton switch to switch dash displays

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Post by pstorms »

I know this is an old post, but I have come across a software app on the android that is pretty nifty. The application is mSwitch and what it does is looks for the mic button to be pressed. Or, you can wire a push button on your steering wheel, and have that perform a function on the Android, and have that connect to the audio port, but only use the mic wire and ground wire.

Right now the mSwitch application can only start RCP from a button press, or a sequence of presses (User define).

I have asked the mSwitch developers to see if they can simulate a finger swipe, left or right, based upon the number of button presses.

Brent, do you think you can configure RCP to do the same thing? Or have a one button press select the right screen arrow or a two button press to select the left screen arrow. ... ycut&hl=en

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