ISO 9141-2 support for Subaru and/or Mitsubishi's?

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ISO 9141-2 support for Subaru and/or Mitsubishi's?

Post by Chrispy »

I noticed in the current and upcoming products you have support for canbus, but I was wondering if there might be any support or ways to connect older legacy style OBDII comms on either the racecapture pro or the upcoming obdII plug racecapture.

the most I could find on the subject was ... 9141#23175 in which a subaru user used an arduino & accessories turn the signals to canbus, but might there be any way to cut the arduino out of the equation?
I checked the Wiki but couldn't find any documentation on the Aux Serial bus for the RaceCapture Pro, would it be possible to learn more about if or how this might be possible?

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Post by jvangelder »

I would also be interested in this. Im using alot of the inputs piggybacking singles from the ecu of an 05 sti.

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Post by brentp »

It doesn't make sense to bundle the cost / complexity of native ISO9141-2 support in RaceCapture/Pro, so solutions like the subduino - bridging data from ISO9141-2 to CAN - is the best way to implement something like this - and it's a great example of how to extend the system.

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