"Clear Script" Button on Lua Scripting Page

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"Clear Script" Button on Lua Scripting Page

Post by JJLudemann »

Maybe I'm missing something, but I find it very difficult to clear out an old script from the scripting window. With short scripts I can just click-drag-select and delete all the text, but when the script is longer than the window, dragging the left mouse button drags the whole window instead. I like to write scripts with fancier tools on my PC, then paste the entire new script into the RaceCapturePro. This way I have only one master version on the PC and I can't accidentally get an inconsistent version on the RCP by trying to edit two copies. Also, when my script is extra special (:-) deleting by backspacing can be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow.

So I'd like to request a button to just clear the script window.



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Post by brentp »

on desktop you can do a ctrl-a to select all, then you can delete in one keystroke. On mobile, not so easy. We have an issue to track here:
https://github.com/autosportlabs/RaceCa ... issues/952
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