Android/IOS app push notifications on alarms

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Android/IOS app push notifications on alarms

Post by radixms »

Id would like to request for the app to push notifications on alarms.

If I will be using a tablet as a cluster, at least to me, it makes sense for the app to push notifications on alarms that will pop up on the screen, if the tablet is being used for something else (example : Looking for parts, or reference for repair or changes).

I think it would be beneficial in those instances that the tablet or smartphone is used for something else and an alarm may be reached while not looking at the dashboard screen or a screen where the values do not change color for alarms.

It would not hurt, if possible, to add an audible alarm as well. Maybe not for on track, but good for while troubleshooting/dyno etc..

This may only work if the user is able to turn on and off these options, since not all may need or care to have these options

Thank you

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Post by brentp »

Thanks for the suggestion.

So are you suggesting pop-up alerts for certain conditions?

We have a couple of issues we're tracking for enhancing alerting in general, some of these could be combined together: ... issues/471 ... ssues/1369 ... ssues/1287
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