Bluetooth TPMS

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Bluetooth TPMS

Post by ake »

Seen a few CAN TPMS solutions. Interested in Bluetooth TPMS as :

- External sensor available. Prefered for convenince implementation. Dedicated external sensor TPMS had been using with satisfaction.

- Lower cost. The Can module seems cost as much as the TPMS itself.

- Much more selections in the market.

A few questions on BT TPMS (for RCP MK3) :

1. Possiblities, suitabilities, and limitations

2. Any plan, suggested spec's / makes

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Post by thokes82 »

I did some research and came across a library on github. It uses BLE to connect to Chinese TPMS. I did not test it yet but implementing it is a great idea. I did not know that those Bluetooth based systems are existing.

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