Development/prototype environment for testing Lua scripts?

Discussion on the Lua Scripting capabilities for RaceCapture/Pro. Also see the <a href="">Lua Scripting Guide</a>

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Development/prototype environment for testing Lua scripts?

Post by GTIspirit »

Is there some kind of development or prototype environment for testing Lua scripts from the comfort of the living room rather than the cockpit of the car in which the RCPro is installed? My race seat is kind of comfy, but space for the laptop is awkward. It would be really cool if there was some kind of virtual environment to test scripts before flashing the config to the RCPro hardware box. Even a general Lua debugging environment to at least confirm the code is bug-free before flashing would be great.

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Post by shmed »

I too would like this functionality :D

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Post by brentp »

That sounds great! In developing the V2 firmware / software we have a simulator in place, but that is currently just focused on API stuff (reading / writing config).

It wouldn't take much to extend the simulator to provide streaming data values.. We will be getting to this eventually b/c we can develop faster without flashing firmware to the hardware. If someone proficient in C/C++ would like to help us out to speed it along, let me know :)
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