Script to show the unit is on and logging?

Discussion on the Lua Scripting capabilities for RaceCapture/Pro. Also see the <a href="">Lua Scripting Guide</a>

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Script to show the unit is on and logging?

Post by Mikey »

I can't see the lights on the box from my seat and want to make sure I know that it's logging. I put a 5v LED on my dash on the theory that I could use the scripting language to turn on the light via one of the analog outputs when it's logging.

Unfortunately I don't see a way to query the unit on whether it's logging. Thoughts on how to accomplish the above?

Also, slightly OT but any update when the CANx and Y-connector will be available?

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Post by brentp »

Hi Mikey,

We don't have a Lua script API that returns true / false if the system is logging to SD card or not. That is a good idea; we'll add it to the feature list.

Currently you can trigger the logging start/stop via Lua, so if you keep track of that in the script you can remember what state you are in.

We are working on the release of the V2 firmware and app which will support the CANx module. Once that is out in beta we will make a limited number of CANx modules available.

Y adapter will be supported in an experimental way.

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Post by jpf11 »

+1 for this idea.

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