Logging virtual channels

Discussion on the Lua Scripting capabilities for RaceCapture/Pro. Also see the <a href="http://autosportlabs.net/RaceCapturePro_Lua_Scripting">Lua Scripting Guide</a>

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Logging virtual channels

Post by Noah »

Is there a way to log a variable/virtual channel within the Lua code? For instance, if i wanted to take the average of two analog inputs, I know I can display that on a virtual channel, however how do I get that to get actually logged onto the RC file? Equally as useful, how can I write to the log file, not the logfile that is used for debugging the lua scripting, but the actual data which is recorded by the Racecapture during a test?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Post by JMcDonough »

It should automatically add the virtual channel to the datalog file when you create the channel. Example here:

http://www.autosportlabs.net/RaceCaptur ... hannels.29

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