problem with getGpsPos(), only show latitude

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problem with getGpsPos(), only show latitude

Post by jotomas »

Hi, im trying a script on lua, with &#65279;getGpsPos(), but it only show me the latitude with 1 decimal.

the script:

function onTick()
a = &#65279;getGpsPos()

and i get on the consoloe
-33.5, only that

on dashboard, this is my latitude and longitude
-33.499943 and -70.524559
firmware mk2 v2.8.3

also i have problem with getGpsTime(), that not show me the time

maybe its a bug of lua?


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Post by jotomas »

Hi, anyone have this same problem?


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Post by rdoherty »

Hi jotomas, I can reproduce this issue. We're looking into how to fix, hold tight!
Ryan Doherty
Autosports Labs

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Post by mach1000 »

Is there any news on this issue? Would like to transmit gps data to MoTeC system :lol:

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Post by brentp »


Sorry this is coming so late.

You need to call it this way

lat, lon = getGpsPos() ... sPos.28.29

As you can see, it is returning two values.

Hope this helps; please let us know if we can help further!
Brent Picasso
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