Auto-blip, no lift shift....

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Auto-blip, no lift shift....

Post by ddimensia »

Has anyone tried to implement autoblip/no-lift-shift via the RCP? My car is throttle-by-wire and uses a 5v variable voltage accelerator pedal.

Seems like you could implement no-lift-shift by using a switch on the clutch pedal combined that with accelerator position to determine that the driver is intending to shift to a higher gear. The RCP would set the ECU accelerator input to zero in this situation until the clutch pedal is disengaged.

For the autoblip it would take some dwell timing but just look at the clutch pedal plus brake pedal to blip the throttle. Not sure if the clock in the RCP is accurate enough to do this although 1000hz should be good enough clock resolution.

If I was to try this I'd use a switch or relay to bypass the RCP throttle control and would probably need to add a little bit of circuitry to switch the source of the throttle control when the RCP is overriding it unless of course there's some way in the RCP to have an output match an input.

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I haven't heard of anyone trying this. But we don't recommend that RCP control any critical portion of the vehicle (like throttle or brakes etc). While we test it as we can, its was never designed with that use case in mind and thus does not have the strict safety testing needed to ensure it will function safely.
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