Lua script crashes through Raspberry Pi app

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Lua script crashes through Raspberry Pi app

Post by GTIspirit »

Not sure if this should go in the Lua script forum, or the Raspberry Pi forum. My Lua script runs fine when flashed through the Windows version of the Racecapture app. But when the config is updated via the Raspberry Pi touchscreen, it crashes.

zipped version of the .rcp config is attached.

If I had to guess, it has something to do with the line wraps. Some of the code lines are too long for 800x480 touchscreen and wrap around. It's almost like the Windows app handles these differently than the Raspberry Pi app.
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Re: Lua script crashes through Raspberry Pi app

Post by brentp »

Does this happen if you save the RCP from windows, then load it via the RPi, then flashing immediately after that (without going to the scripting window)?
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