Beta Video Analysis

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Beta Video Analysis

Post by tfriest »

Just watched the recording of the live stream. The video feature looks really nice (hopefully a little better than the Race Render option I've tried before).

I have a formula car with a RaceCapture Pro mk2, android phone dash and drift camera.
The rcp is setup to start logging when I exceed 40 mph (or something around there), but I have to turn the camera on when I get into the car (so the video starts long before the data starts logging).
What options do you suggest for syncing the camera and logs (it might be several minutes into the video before I have any logs)?

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Re: Beta Video Analysis

Post by brentp »

You could try using a hand signal in front of the camera when it start logging, and then trim the video accordingly. If you're using the RaceCapture/Pro, you can also activate an LED on the dashboard using one of the GPIO outputs.
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