Listing individual lap data / Comparing laps

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Listing individual lap data / Comparing laps

Post by SchautSpeed »

If it is available already, what is the process for listing out lap times/data per lap and comparing lap data / time? Say I want to compare my best lap on lap 23 with a co-drivers best lap on lap 437.

If it isn't available yet, when can we expect to see that functionality?

Question applies to both analysis after racign is over and while racing using telemetry.
Ben Schaut
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Post by rdoherty »

Hi SchautSpeed, we do plan on offering a way to compare laps on, it's a feature we want too :)
Ryan Doherty
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Post by neoraptor »

I think this feature also needs to be in the analysis software, as it is the best way to see where the accuracy of the rider/driver needs to be improved.
The comparison between 2 drivers is also very important !!

There are some really good software that we can inspire from (AEM Data, Gems data analysis, Circuit tools, ...)

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Post by brentp »


Thank you for the feedback. We're also looking at those type of features in our mobile / tablet application, which will make it easy to use out next to the race track.
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