Streaming data through GSM

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Streaming data through GSM

Post by Volker_VV »


I'm testing the Podium connect with my AIM installation.

A great tool as I can say after the first impressions. I learned that I have to use the RaceCaputure App for setup. I can connect it from iPhone or PC via cable or wifi. When the car is out in the wild I have to use Podium Live a web site for displaying data

My first thought is

"Why can't I connect RaceCapture App over GSM on my iPhone?"

It would be very helpful to have this possibility.

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Post by brentp »


Thank you for the feedback. We are improving the Podium experience, including making a better mobile experience. It will have similarities to the RaceCapture app, but it is different since the RaceCapture app focuses on device configuration and providing an in-car dashboard.

We'll be posting more about it soon. Thank you!
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