New build, What screen for RPI? Official RPI screen?

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New build, What screen for RPI? Official RPI screen?

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In my current race car I use the official RPI screen, it works well but it's not fantastic. Modern highend tablets seem to have better screen IMHO.

I am building a new race car and plan to put in a RPI+RCP in that one as well. Have any one used another screen? Or is the official screen the best one?

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I used a 10" Waveshare LCD, resistive touch with my RPI. no problems installing other than swapping x/y in the RCP Kivy/config file and changing the input line. its a little "duller" in contrast (not as vivid/sharp) but I only race generally at night. but I like the larger gauges a 10" gives you. the one really nice option with this display is the RPI is a direct connect. i.e. the display has a 26 pin connector on it and mounts right on the back of the LCD.

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Why not just use a $60-80 Amazon Fire HD tablet? I have a Fire HD 8" and its great.

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Anyone have success with SunFounder 10.1 touchscreen?

Post by ppressle »

Great looking 10" display.
On my install, the touch screen does not work with Race Capture though. The touch screen works properly with the OS before you start the race capture app.
Keyboard operations don't seem to work in race capture either.

I searched the web a bit and I can't find any claims if the screen supports AR1100. Details are thin on this device.

Might anyone else have tried this one? It was the best looking display option on Amazon, IF the tough screen works.


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SunFounder 10.1" capacitive touch

Post by ppressle »

In the "Hard wired RPi" thread, there are instructions from Joe D. on how to make the touch screen work. It is early in my testing, but this screen does look like a viable option if you want a bright 10" screen for your RPi.

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followup question. Racecapture with virtual keyboard on RPi

Post by ppressle »

I have everything working very nicely with the RPi version of RaceCapture. Thanks Brent!

One last problem is that I don't have a keyboard exposed for this. I installed the virtual keyboard and that works outside of RaceCapture, but

The race capture application seems to run in a maximized window and I can't switch context to another window in order to use the virtual keyboard. Is there some trick I'm missing?


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The app creates it's own framebuffer when run from the command line, so it's not surprising it conflicts with any other on-screen keyboard. However, it should pop up it's own keyboard when needed, have you tried that?
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