Analysis channel scaling

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Analysis channel scaling

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I've always found the analysis feature on the RCP software to be a bit cumbersome. My biggest grip was the way it displayed my throttle or braking channels. See this image:

This weekend, I had a buddy codrive the car. I sent him our logs to compare. He sent me back this screenshot:

His graphs are WAY easier to read.

I know he is sitting at a desktop with a 27inch screen. I'm using a tiny 13 inch laptop. Could this be it?

I use this laptop for all the car work because the battery last forever ( a full day ) and its light 2.5 lbs.

Is there any way to fix this?
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the scaling on the charts is determined by the min/max values originally set up in the channel mapping. When you go edit the channel under setup, you'll see the ability to set min/max. This will influence the min/max values scaled in the graph.

We have plans to allow the min/max values to be editable after the fact under analysis mode after importing; that will be enabled in a near-future analysis release.

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