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Telemetry Analysis Feedback

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:06 am
by boggie1688
Hi Everyone,

I've had the Track MK3 in the Subaru for a few events now. This past event was my first with a capable set of brake pads. My previous pads could not handle the weight of the car, and would glaze within one session. Finally swapped from Carbotech XP8 all around to Gloc R18/R10 (IE: Carbotech XP20/XP10)

The Car:
2015 WRX
Camber: -2.1F / -1.5R
Zero Toe
Offset mounts give a slight increase in caster
AP Racing BBK CP8350 (Front only)
Federal FZ201 Semi Slicks

I was hoping someone would peek my data, and provide some constructive criticism. I can see right away my brake and throttle could be smoother and less choppy. What I'm really focused on is my Gs. I can see in some situations, my peak G under brake is near 1, while in other places it is significantly less. I know much of this depends on the corner and how much I speed I need to scrub. What I'm looking at is my corner G compared to my braking G. I can see that a lot of the tight corners I pull 1.1-1.2, longer corners 1.0-1.1.

Is it wrong to assume in situation where I'm braking hard, I should be at least hitting 1.1 if not 1.2 Gs?
Is it also wrong to assume that in my longer corners I should be able to push harder and corner at least at 1.1 steady peaking to 1.2?

Now that I have this tool, I'm trying to truly dive into the data to improve as a driver.

Track is ThunderHill West. It was wet in the morning, drying for session 3 and 4.
Session 3 - ... 9jv3AutN5u
Session 4- ... _0bQ-FOY2O[/url]

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:39 am
by brentp
Hi Shannon Yeo - thanks for posting. You can actually upload your log files to - just need to create an event and add a device to the event. When you do, you can specify the log file.

Here's the uploaded data you can browse - just click the laps on the left and browse the chart data - it's super easy to use.

I uploaded Session 3 first, then Session 4. Session 4 starts on Lap 13 ... est-device