Raspberry PI with VNC

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Raspberry PI with VNC

Post by kiwiracer »

I found a old 2017 thread on why RC was not being setup to execute and be viewable under VNC. Has any progress been made here ?

Looking at being able to use VNC to do things like configure RC while in the car (select tracks, things that sometimes go heywire), especially for my non-computer literate drivers who are not capable of doing anything..

Also, this would free us from needing a touchscreen, knowing if there's any changes needed, the car can take off onto the track and we can configure it remotely.

With the PI Im excited to have a off/on button to reset the PI and reboot the app, but I can see VNC being useful...

Unless.. there's a feature coming where RC settings are persisted to the cloud and you can change a setting, like a channel and the RC in the car reloads the config dynamically :-) #featurerequest !

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Post by brentp »

We don't have any current plans for enabling remote access for the RaceCapture app, but if you figure out a "remote desktop" type of setup, it could certainly work. Let us know if you figure that out!
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