RCP MKIII data logs are fragmented

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RCP MKIII data logs are fragmented

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Hi there,

I've recently purchased a RCP MKIII to replace my original RCP. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to log properly and I cant work out why. I did a track day today and recorded three sessions (approx 15mins each) on my gopro and the same three sessions on the RCP data logger (I pressed the red button on the front panel to start logging at the start of each session). Once home, I've checked and nine data log files have been created:


I've used a brand new high speed 32GB card that I formatted before use, i'm not sure what else to check?

If I try and import the data as a csv file into RaceRender 3 (which I used all the time with my original RCP) the files don't seem to translate properly.

I tried to attach some of the logs in the hope that someone could take a look in case something is amiss but it doesn't seem I'm allowed?

Many thanks in advance

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Post by brentp »


The reason the logs are fragmented might be due to a few caused.

Typically there are two reasons:

* Power cycle (unit temporarily loses power)
* SD card writing error

The key is to look at the interval column in the .log file. Does the next log file start close to 0 (a very low number)? If so, then that means the logger had just recently booted up, since the counter starts from zero.

If the number is large, then it stopped logging for some reason. Possibly due to logging logic (check how you are triggering it), or possibly an SD write error.

Check the last interval number in the first long file, and then the first interval number in the next file. Are they close together? The difference is the number of milliseconds between when the first one stopped, and the next one started.

Hope this helps - let us know what you find out.
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