alternatives to Alt + PrntScn + k for preventing autostart?

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alternatives to Alt + PrntScn + k for preventing autostart?

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What alternatives are there to Alt + PrntScn + k for preventing autostart of the Raspberry Pi RaceCapture app?

Alt + PrntScn + k doesn't seem to work for me anymore. (It worked the other day, not sure why it doesn't work any more. :? ) RaceCapture seems to keep auto restarting for me. I tried Ctrl + c but that doesn't seem to work either.

So the workaround is I take the micro SD card and plug it into my Pi 4b, which won't run RaceCapture. Then I can install packages and make other adjustments, and then transfer the card back to the Pi 3b+. It's a kind of backwards workaround so I'm hoping there is some other option to kill the kivy app and prevent it from restarting. And yes, it restarts so quickly I can barely even type in the pi password before RaceCapture takes over the screen again.

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We will look into ways of preventing it from restarting if you do the explicit exit from the menu. Thanks for the suggestion.
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