pulling dash set up files off kindle fire 8

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pulling dash set up files off kindle fire 8

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Hi all,
I am looking for instruction on how to pull the set up .rcp file from my kindle fire 8 so I can send it to someone to load on there tablet.

I have recently sold my race car that had a RCP mk2 in it and working fine but the for some reason the new owner did not want my kindle fire as the dash he wanted his own. I tried to warn him that it would be a process to get everything set up again but he didnt want it. now here we are a few months later he is trying to get his tablet connected to the RCP and is having issues.
the only thing I can think to do to help is to email him the .RCP file that I know worked on my fire 8....but I cant seem to find it on my kindle.

can anyone help me get this file off my kindle so I can email it to him? or would it even help? isnt the last set up already on the MK2 so when he connects to it with his tablet all he has to do is hit "read" and it should load everything to his tablet so it will work correctly?

thanks everyone for any help provided

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Re: pulling dash set up files off kindle fire 8

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The RaceCapture itself stores it's local configuration, unless the user deletes it for some reason (overwriting it with a new config).

The app does not store the config locally unless you saved a backup copy through the app's setup page.

If you've done that with your app, you may have it saved in your tablet's local file system. If so, then you could just email that from the tablet, in order to get it off the system.

Hope this helps!
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