How to import Dashboard to Raspberry PI/Raspberry Display setup

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How to import Dashboard to Raspberry PI/Raspberry Display setup

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I recently setup a Racecapture /Pro3 along with a raspberry pi 7" display in my track car. Due to the difficulty of working with the touch screen, I did all my dashboard/gage design on my computer and Ipad. I have the dashboard saved within the racecapture cloud. I'm able to retrieve it with all my devices running the app except the rasp pi display unit. Can anyone tell me how to get this dash build into the rasp PI? I pulled the rasp from the car and enabled wifi on it so it would hookup to my home wifi. I see it connected to my wifi network, but when I try to import a Dashboard it prompts me to log in with my email and password. I get a Login failure. I wrote down my login info when I started the project so I'm thinking it'd not an issue with my credentials. Could it be wifi related.

Is there some way I can bypass the whole wifi bit and just transfer the dash setup from my ipad or laptop to the rasp pi display?

Any help would be appreciated



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Re: How to import Dashboard to Raspberry PI/Raspberry Display setup

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Hi Rich,

In order to fetch the shared dashboards off the Podium cloud on your Raspberry Pi, you need to have it connected to the internet - either with the ethernet connection (hard wired) or by connecting the wifi to a hotspot / router.

Once it has access to the internet, you will be able to log in to Podium, just like you do with the RC app when it's running elsewhere (iPad, desktop/laptop) and import your dashboards.

The RPi installation with race capture is "expert mode" and requires technical knowledge on your behalf, so knowing how to set up networking is up to you. Fortunately there are a lot of online resources for how to do that with a Raspberry Pi: ... spberry+pi

Hope this helps,
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