RCP App running on WIndows 8.1

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RCP App running on WIndows 8.1

Post by rocket6706 »

I have an issue with the the Race capture application running on windows 8. I was running 2.4.0 previously without issue and upgraded to 2.7.0. When I launch the application it brings up a white screen that immediatley closes. I tried running as administrator without success. I tried to go back to 2.4.0 and I have the same issue. it appears something is preventing the application from fully booting. Any suggestions, or has this been solved elsewhere on the forum.

[INFO ] Logger: Record log in C:\Users\me\.kivy\logs\kivy_23-01-02_7.txt
[INFO ] Kivy: v2.1.0
[INFO ] Kivy: Installed at "C:\Program Files (x86)\RaceCapture_v2.7.0\kivy\__init__.pyc"
[INFO ] Python: v3.8.9 (tags/v3.8.9:a743f81, Apr 6 2021, 13:22:56) [MSC v.1928 32 bit (Intel)]
[INFO ] Python: Interpreter at "C:\Program Files (x86)\RaceCapture_v2.7.0\racecapture.exe"
[INFO ] Logger: Purge log fired. Processing...
[INFO ] Logger: Purge finished!
[INFO ] Factory: 189 symbols loaded
[INFO ] Clipboard: Provider: winctypes
[INFO ] ImageLoaderFFPy: Using ffpyplayer 4.3.2
[INFO ] Image: Providers: img_tex, img_dds, img_sdl2, img_pil, img_ffpyplayer
[INFO ] Window: Provider: sdl2
[INFO ] Window: Activate GLES2/ANGLE context
[CRITICAL] Window: Unable to find any valuable Window provider. Please enable debug logging (e.g. add -d if running from the command line, or change the log level in the config) and re-run your app to identify potential causes
sdl2 - RuntimeError: b'Could not create GL context'
File "kivy\core\__init__.py", line 71, in core_select_lib
File "kivy\core\window\window_sdl2.py", line 165, in __init__
File "kivy\core\window\__init__.py", line 1071, in __init__
File "kivy\core\window\window_sdl2.py", line 306, in create_window
File "kivy\core\window\_window_sdl2.pyx", line 236, in kivy.core.window._window_sdl2._WindowSDL2Storage.setup_window
File "kivy\core\window\_window_sdl2.pyx", line 76, in kivy.core.window._window_sdl2._WindowSDL2Storage.die

[INFO ] Text: Provider: sdl2
[INFO ] KivyMD: 1.0.2, git-38fe356, 2022-08-11 (installed at "C:\Program Files (x86)\RaceCapture_v2.7.0\kivymd\__init__.pyc")
[CRITICAL] App: Unable to get a Window, abort.
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Re: RCP App running on WIndows 8.1

Post by brentp »

Hi, since it also stopped working with the 2.4.0 app, it appears something else changed with your Windows system that prevented the older version from running. You might try to update to the latest video drivers to see if that helps.

Ultimately, Windows 8 is obsolete and we cannot support getting it to work there. We recommend running it on Windows 10 or later.
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