RC to pre-OBD II

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RC to pre-OBD II

Post by mister_po »

Is there anyway to get analog signals to RC for pre-OBD cars? I would like to get ecu outputs such as TPS and Water temp. from my 1991 Miata.

Thank you

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Post by cj9694 »

I am also wondering the same thing for a few of the gauges.

I talked to Brent about this topic, there is no plug and play method to get the OBD1 ECU to work directly with RCP. You will need to get 5v sending units for Oil pressure, Coolant temp (or engine temp).

My plan is to put a Mishimoto 32mm Water Temperature Sensor Adapter into my upper Rad hose and put the sensor in that as close to the head as space will allow.

I'm hesitant to replace my factory Mazda oil pressure sensor but I want a more accurate reading to go off from then the gauge in the miata cluster.

Does anyone have a recommended method to get a Tach signal to the RCP?

I also would like recommendations on where to get a 5v reference voltage in the car.

I also would like to get the fuel level data pulled in as well. The sender operated off from resistance so I'm not exactly sure how to go about this.

Any help would benefit many of us who are trying to keep the stock ECU.

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Post by brentp »

Hi mister_po,

RaceCapture/Track (the small plug and play version of RaceCapture) only has CAN bus inputs for data. The system we offer with Analog *and* CAN inputs is RaceCapture/Pro, which has a full compliment of analog, digital and CAN bus inputs. Details here:


Actually, this thread / sub-section of the forum is not for RCP - best to post in that section for Miata specific topics and wiring sensors. Thanks, and sorry for the confusion!
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