does the racecapture/track MK2 do Transmit CAN via LUA?

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does the racecapture/track MK2 do Transmit CAN via LUA?

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I want to purchase a racecapture device to use as a GPS/IMU sensor to transmit GPS, accelerometer and Gyro data to my ECU via canbus.

I know the racecapture/pro has LUA scripting to create TX CAN frames to send to an ECU, but can the new racecapture/track MK2 device do this?

it says in its specifications:
Scripting / Customization:
Real-time virtual (math) channels / custom channel mapping Via on-board Lua scripting
but i wanted to confirm this was true before purchasing one, and if any limitations existed compared to the race capture pro.


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Yes, you can use the same Lua scripting to broadcast CAN data with RaceCapture/Track MK2, just like RaceCapture/Pro. See the Lua scripting examples in the wiki.

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