System selection Question

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also see the <a href="">RaceCapture quick start guide</a>
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System selection Question

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Hey everyone,
I am in the process of building a spec e46 race car. I want to use ASL for heal monitoring and race data capture/logging. My plan is to have a Aim Dash and then have a tablet in the center dash running the RaceCapture app for any additional info I want. I am also planning on running a micro PDM control panel. My question is which system do I need in order to run all of this? Can the Pro/ Mk3 run this or do I need to jump to the connect. I am also assuming the track Mk2 two won't be able to handle that much I/Oso its out. thank in advance.

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Re: System selection Question

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Hi - RaceCapture/Pro is best if you want to connect direct sensors; if CAN bus only communications; then RaceCapture/Track could be a good fit.

See the comparison matrix near the bottom of the page here:

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