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New Setup Question

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:37 pm
by SLKado
Hi AutoSport Labs.

I have a RaceCapture/Track running 2.12.0 that was purchased with the OBDII Legacy Adapter. I was running this on my 2005 Lotus using the OBDII Legacy adapter and it worked flawlessly.

I have recently upgraded to a 2017 Mustang GT350 and purchased the CAN/OBDII sensor/telemetry package to get the non-legacy adapter. I figured that since this is a brand new car, I would plug it in and all the CAN data would map automatically, but nothing is going on. I don't get any RPM, TPS, etc data coming through. I have tried tinkering with turning OBD, CAN and CANBUS channels on and off with no result.

Is there a way to revert back to the initial configuration and start over? Also, should I still need to map channels if I am connecting to a new CAN with the newer cable?

Thanks for the help and sorry for the rudimentary question.
-- Steve