Raspberry Pi 2.2.1 app freezes

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Raspberry Pi 2.2.1 app freezes

Post by GTIspirit »

The Raspberry Pi 2.2.1 app rather frequently freezes when in dashboard mode. The dashboard stops updating until I exit the app which reboots it. This is using the latest Raspberry Pi 2.2.1 app, with Raspberry Pi 4 and official touchscreen, hard wired to the RC Track Mk 2 which is running latest 2.18.4 firmware.

Where should I look for the logs to provide for troubleshooting?

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Re: Raspberry Pi 2.2.1 app freezes

Post by brentp »

Some ideas:

* Look at the RaceCapture application log around the time it fails
* Check the RaceCapture/Pro for any red LED errors on the front panel when it happens.
* Try a factory reset and default firmware configuration, as a comparison - this may help isolate issues
* Check the voltage being fed to the RaceCapture from the Pi over USB - ensure the voltage is not higher than 5v.

Thanks, Let us know what you find out.
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