Race Caputre 1.12.1

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Race Caputre 1.12.1

Post by Volker_VV »


Race Caputre is still crashing (Win7 64bit, Nividia K4000 all updates installed)

- Analysis
- Analog Sensors

This seems to be a problem since months. A Software not working is useless!
Is there a sheduled plan to fix this?

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Post by JMcDonough »

See other thread:

viewtopic.php?t=5774&sid=673c45669818d7 ... cb0c44fc04

Known issue, being worked (assuming the issues is common with folks running intel integrated graphics).

Thankfully I'm not using either of those features, but if I was - I'd share in your frustration.

Do you give up features running an earlier app version?


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Post by brentp »

Hello - yes, we are still looking at this issue.

However, we have confirmed that the latest Windows 10 does resolve this problem. It appears there is a problem with the graphics driver that was fixed for Windows 10, but not for Windows 7.

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