Increasing the limit of 100 CAN channels

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Increasing the limit of 100 CAN channels

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The electric formula car that my student team has built includes over 600 channels in the CAN database. I discovered by trial and error that I can only configure exactly 100 channels in the RaceCapture App (using a RaceCapture/Apex).
Since this is a round number, I'm thinking that it is hardcoded in the software somewhere. So I'd like to know:
1. What limits the amount of channels: the network, the storage space, or just the app?
2. Is there a way to increase this limit by digging into the source code on GitHub?

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EDIT: the same goes for the maximum name length for the CAN channels. It is 12 characters now I believe, but I'd like to increase this number as well. Any ideas?

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The 100 limit is based on available memory for processing. We targeted this as a large number of channels for the majority of applications. It's not user-changeable.

The channel name lengths are fixed as well for similar reasons.

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