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I'm brand new to RCP, my plan is to get it setup to monitor an 01 ITR running a s300 Hondata ECU plus a few analog sensors (oil temp, oil pressure, egt, etc.).

The original plan was to pump all the data into RCP and use that and a phone\small tablet to extend my dash and warnings. Cockpit space is tight though and an extended shifter further limits useful space.

After reading more of the Wiki articles I'm now very strongly considering\attempting to replace the OEM cluster with a raspberry pi 7" touchscreen. The OEM Integra clusters were never very accurate.

Since the car is planned for mixed use Street+Track (HPDE) days I'd like to maintain many of the oem convenience items. I think turn signals and even headlight notification lights can be added simple lights on the new custom dash frame. It seems like I should be able to grab fuel level with a little bit of work. Temp, RPM, Speed, should be easy enough to pull over from the Hondata. I'd still like to keep an odometer to help easily track maintenance intervals and fuel mileage. I see there are GPS speedometers that will keep an odometer but at that point I'd probably just stick with the OEM cluster.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Alan, thanks for the idea and feedback. No current plans to create an odometer channel, but we'll put it on the feature list. Thanks!
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