Recalculate laps not working for bad gps data

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Recalculate laps not working for bad gps data

Post by tfriest »

My RaceCapturePro mk2 has been shifting gps lat/long and not recognizing laps for a while (it's been worse some places and better others).
I was looking forward to the new recalculate laps feature in 2.2.0, but it doesn't seem to work for my data.
When I do recalculate on recent data (Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the SCCA Runoffs Qualifying), it never completes (just shows 0 laps/loading session).
I've attached screen shots of the trackmap and recalc screen.
indy_runoffs_q3_trackmap.jpg (66.65 KiB) Viewed 504 times
indy_runoffs_q3_recalc.jpg (76.29 KiB) Viewed 504 times

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Re: Recalculate laps not working for bad gps data

Post by brentp »

Hi, a couple of things:

You can try picking a custom start finish point in a spot where the lap traces seem to converge (like on the right side of those traces). Move the slider until the dot shows up in that space.
You can also export that session, zip it up, and attach here, and we'll see if there are any fundamental issues in your data log. (dropbox link is ok too)

For your GPS quality, you could try:

* getting a replacement antenna (it might be damaged)
* ensuring the antenna location is on the roof of your car
* ensuring you're not getting interference from other transmitters, such as the in car radio (key the mic on your radio and see if the speed indicator on the RC dashboard jumps or fluctuates)
* temporarily put the RC system in a different car, such as a street car you take to a track day. Does the performance improve? If so, then there is some other kind of RF interference in your race car that is causing a problem.

More tips here:
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