Performance of RaceCapture App

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Performance of RaceCapture App

Post by AndrewCarra »

I have a Race Capture/Track Mark 2, and are running the latest firmware and app on both a windows computer and a Samsung Tablet.
The Windows PC is a really fast latest i7, with heaps of RAM and ultra fast SSD.

I having been using the product for about 4 years now, and it does work.

However, my experience is that the app is incredibly slow.
Especially the Analysis section. To just import several laps, it takes minutes to just display the laps and then load them.
Then once loaded the analysis is just way to slow to be effective and usable.
I like what the latest app does in regards to new charts and graphs, however the performace just makes it unusable.

Are other users seeing this? Or is it just isolated to me for some reason?

Are there plans to make the app much more responsive? (or conversley, in the design architecture what is holding it back)

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Re: Performance of RaceCapture App

Post by brentp »

Hi, we can help. Most of the performance issues we've seen reported are on older Android tablets.

You mentioned you are running it on two different devices. Are you saying the analysis is slow on the windows computer and on the tablet, or on just one or the other?

Some things to help diagnose:
* Can you share your log file via dropbox or on another file sharing service? There might be something in your log file that might be triggering a performance degradation.
* Can you try one of the sample log files here for comparison, such as the Sonoma logfile or Laguna Seca? ... O8UTa?dl=0

Let us know and we'll be able to help.
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